📵 Kotani Pay USSD

Today's blockchains are built with a smartphone and credit card user in mind locking out millions of people from the benefits of blockchain technology.

Kotani Pays USSD solution is built with financial inclusion as the highest priority enabling the 57% of the feature phone users and the 85% of people with no internet access to participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

Below is a simple illustration of how we are empowering feature phone users with our USSD solution

We have APIs that empowers businesses with USSD interface to serve their users with both On-Ramp and Off-Ram services.

Take advantage of our Kotani Pay USSD service and empower communities. Contact our sales team via email at [email protected] or book a call on Calendly with us. 📧📞 We will be in touch shortly.

leveraged on the Kotani Pay On-Ramp service to offer an excellent lending model solution with Defi to the underserved communities in Nanyuki, Kenya.